The RS:One is a sailboard developed by NeilPryde Ltd.RS:One hull, hull appendages, rigand sail shall only be manufactured by NeilPryde Ltd ortheir appointed manufacturers. Such equipment is required to comply with he RS:Oneconstruction manualand is subject to an ISAF approved manufacturing control system.A hull, a hull appendage, a rig or a sail may, after having left the licensed manufacturer, onlybe altered to the extent permitted in Section C of these class rules.Owners and crews should be aware that compliance with rules in Section C is not checked aspart of the factory based fundamental measurement process.Rules regulating the use of equipment during a race are contained in Section C of these classrules, in the Equipment Rules ofSailing Part I and in the Racing Rules of Sailing.This introduction provides an informal background and is not part of the RS:Oneclass rules.