RS:One is a multi generational, one-design windsurfing board featuring an easy and light performing 7.8 rig.

spoirs (youth under 22), Seniors (under 40) and Masters (older than 40), both men and women, can race together on the same starting line in a collective fleet.The RS:One Class allows all racers to compete through innovative race formats with courses set up in a way that the on-shore audience can enjoy the action. The format also ensures that the winner is the best competitor in all conditions.


The classic race format used by most of the sailing classes with an upwind start, upwind mark and downwind gate. Usually selected in marginal and low wind conditions to secure fair races and maximum number of races. Target time is 25 mns.


The most exciting format featuring a compact downwind slalom with a reaching start before going upwind and finishing by slalom. This modern sailing format inspired by funboard racing and the America's Cup is only raced in planing conditions. Target time is 10 minutes for the best combination of adrenaline and spectacle.


The long distance version requiring endurance skills which can be raced only in suitable conditions (not under 10 knots, not more than 20 knots). Great moments with courses will be set up to deliver maximum visual enjoyment for racers and spectators.